Transform into an Orgasmic Goddess

From pre-orgasmic to multi-orgasmic in the bedroom and in your life! 
Want to unlock your pussy magic?

Ready for a magical life transformation!?

This is it!
Listen in, because I'm talking to YOU!
Your call to initiation of holistic healing from the orgasm pro!


Take your orgasm (or lack thereof), to new heights for healing and empowerment!


This is a holistic investment in yourself because royal being, you deserve to thrive.


Why is this work so potent?

- Consent culture, safe, and brave space building, and resourcing - the most important things to create this magic
- We get out of your cortex, out of the story (like typical therapy), and into the body! Because the body holds the wounds that are keeping us from thriving.
- This work is ancient. It's no new science but it is new to create a safe and brave 1:1 container to engage in. 
- A holistic approach.

- Practical practices that suit your everyday lifestyle.


All sessions are over Zoom.
NO nudity.
No sexuality work without consent!


What do you get when you work with me?

- Clarity on what your truly desire

- A safe/brave place to explore what is holding you back from those desires

- Enlightened connection to your body

- Empowerment on how to move forward where you are stuck

- Practical life changing practices you can easily use in your every day life

- Pealing the layers society has put on us to find what is authentically yours!
- Reframing your deserving and worthiness
- Bold, confident, authentic self love ❤️

- The keys to unlock your wild orgasmic power! 


In understanding my privilege as a white person, I am actively working on decolonizing myself. As apart of this work I offer limited discounted spots for 1-1 coaching to those from marginalized groups who cannot afford my full prices.

Specifically; BIPOC, LGBTQI+, refugees, folks with disabilities, and those of Islamic faith. As I have experience working with these groups. And work hard to keep learning to be able to hold brave space for them.


It is my great honour to be able to support marginalized folks in this work. If I am granted the honour by you, I promise to work WITH you to create brave space, in trauma sensitive/informed and consent culture being at the forefront.


I recognize that I am not perfect and I am always open to feedback from those whom are of marginalized groups. Some of which I am apart: a former sex worker, a survivor of sexual assault, queer, woman of gender fluidity, living with non-able bodied invisible disability.

How do I know this $hit works?

I was you... As were many others.
I had given away my sexual power.

I was exhausted in my career, in my life.

But something deep inside me knew...

Knew there was more to sex, more to life.
Knew I deserved to reclaim my pleasure.
Knew there's some way to thrive,
but just didn't know how to actually get there.

After a decade of searching...

I found real self love, empowerment, and sexual thriving! 

These Goddesses know too

"Nadia's kind energy and active listening immediately made me feel comfortable to share deeply with her. Throughout our sessions she helped me define what it is I am really looking for when it comes to harnessing my yoni power and reminded me to have compassion with my journey. I would highly recommend working with Nadia for an embodied & spiritual coaching experience.'

Sharon P. - California, USA