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Saying YES

This is it!
Listen in, because I'm talking to YOU!
Your call to initiation of holistic healing!


Take your orgasm (or lack thereof), to new heights for healing and power!


This is a holistic investment in yourself because royal being, you deserve to thrive.

You’re here because you're sick of:
Hating your body or not fully loving it
Having sex that doesn't fulfill you

Feeling numb

Having only one type of orgasm

Not/Never orgasming

Orgasms depleting you

Having sex to please others

Performative sex

Not knowing what I want in sex, in life

Not feeling fulfilled

Attracting the wrong relationships

In your head during sex

You’re here because you want:
To fucking finally LOVE YOUR BODY
Extraordinary sex
Cosmic orgasms
Incredible relationships (romantic and otherwise)

Epically honour your body
To radically love yourself

You want ALL of you to be celebrated in every aspect of your life
You want to live life on your terms in your authentic way!

Power in every aspect of your life!

Get the fuck out of your head and INTO YOUR BODY

You’re sick of doing things the traditional way.
You've tried it all and you're exhausted from getting nowhere.

Working with me is radical.
And you're looking for a radical change in your life.

But you're in fear....
Fuck yes you are. And that's a GOOD THING.
Fear is the indicator that you are on the right path.

When you start to step into this work, the unconscious veil starts to thin. 

You are starting to FEEL and wake up.
Feel what you have suppressing and transition into your full authenticity. 

Society has told us to be everything but ourselves. 

Who are we even when we take our life into our own power?

What do we even do with our sexual power when we are in control of it not others?

It's scary as hell. But that's where I come in. 


I'm here with you and I'm here to welcome ALL of you.

All the shadows, all the light. 

I will be your mirror to show you how fucking beautiful and profound you are. 


And that is also why we have a free alignment call first. 

To get to know each other. To see if we are the right fit for this work together.
Because this is a relationship and a deep co-creation.  


Why is this work so potent?

Consent culture, safe/brave space building, and resourcing - the most important things to create this magic
We get out of your cortex, out of the story (like typical therapy), and into the body! The body holds the wounds that are keeping us from thriving but also holds all the capacity for pleasure.
This work is ancient. It is a returning home. A reclamation.
A holistic approach.

Practical practices that suit your everyday lifestyle.


Sessions are over Zoom.
No sexuality work without consent!

Client's Words

Sharon P. - California, USA
"Nadia's kind energy and active listening immediately made me feel comfortable to share deeply with her. Throughout our sessions she helped me define what it is I am really looking for when it comes to harnessing my yoni power and reminded me to have compassion with my journey. I would highly recommend working with Nadia for an embodied & spiritual coaching experience.'

Amy G. - USA
"I highly would recommend Nadia to anyone I know. When working on your sexuality or sexual work in general, it's SO important to have someone who's passionate and knowledgeable within this specific field. To work with someone who knows how to meet you where you are and work towards the desires near to your heart. Nadia is exactly this. She's compassionate, knowledgeable, and hold her clients in an unconditional positive regard. I grew from the sessions I experienced in some ways I had hoped for and in other areas unexpectedly. I feel more whole, knowledgeable, and empowered for growing within this area. I'm so grateful to have worked with a professional. No matter where you're at in your journey of desiring healing or looking how to grow more, this is a great way to move towards those desires."

Sarah L - Vancouver, Canada
"I really love the wisdom and incite Nadia brings to the sessions, she has a beautiful aura and it makes the sessions really special. I've been able to work with the idea of shifting focus and phrasing of experiences and emotions to make them empowering. Through this, I've been able to have moments of really realizing the power I have within myself. It's an ongoing process, but with every session I come out more sure of myself and Nadia really creates a safe and supportive environment to work in."

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