Nadia LeDrew

From one Queen to another;

healing and empowerment are about unleashing your orgasmic magic! 


Dance and movement was a huge outlet for me as I could never sit still for very long. I studied performance dance from a young age before transitioning towards Movement Therapy. 

Nir and Liat Dror - Adama Dance Therapy - Mitzpe Ramon, Israel - Marie Adela - Rio Abeirto Movement Function -

Beunos Aires, Argentina

Cati Dans Collective - Istanbul, Turkey

Full STOTT Pilates Certification - Darcy McMurry - Vancouver, Canada

Injuries and Special Populations - Kristi Quinn
Senior Pilates Instructor - Equinox Vancouver, Canada

Work with refugees in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey:


Various charitable work with homeless populations, orphans, adults with mental and physical disabilities. Including founding my own charity to sponsor an orphan to become a doctor. Sincerely from childhood to now.

The other HUGE part of my healing was my sexuality journey!

I am a chronic explorer of the world through relationship and sex. 

I have dated in and explored the world (45 countries+) and countless different cultures. I have a pansexual way of exploring without judgement and an attitude to try everything once. I am proudly Queer and a Slut! I have a curious mind to understand and have empathy for others and how they experience the world. I embrace my sexual goddess self out loud everyday.



It's been a heck of a decade of healing and self-love. And now I am here to share it with all of you!


It all stems from my deep desire to heal myself and the fact that I never fully "fit in" to the brand that society wanted to put on me. I had been living with chronic pain and mental distress that no medical doctor or psychologist could give me answers to.

I was told:

"Get a 9-5 job and you won't be depressed anymore"

"You have the symptoms of fibromyalgia but you're too young to have that so it must just me all in your head"

"Take a Tylenol and ibuprofen at the same time every day and your pain will go away"


But there was something inside me that screamed to keep exploring until I found answers!

Screen Shot 2021-12-19 at 8.34.58 AM.png

I am a certified VITA™-Sex coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. +200hrs of majors in Female Sexuality and Jade Egg.

A year intensive program with over 650hrs of education and practice that challenges our own personal growth and gives us the tools to coach others through this innovative methodology.

Along with my extensive background this is the main methodology I coach 1:1 with. 

In 2020 I was also diagnosed with Lyme disease and it has been a profound learning and growth journey. I took on treating Lyme disease as another way to grow and learn about the body as much as I can. All in naturopathic ways! Thanks to Lyme and my Pilates background, I intricately understand the immune and nervous system and what it takes for holistically healing your body, mind, and soul. And let me tell you...sacred sexuality is a HUGE player in my healing!

Why should you trust me to lead you on this journey?

I have extensive practical education in this field, living and breathing the magic that it brings me. Simply, my whole life has been for this moment.

My vision is to merge the western and eastern knowledge and techniques for your every day life. 

My clients and I are living examples of this vision!

You are not alone #metoo. As a survivor of sexual assault (possibly relatable), I promise to come to you with empathy, understanding, and a ZERO judgement policy. I work from a trauma sensitive/informed place. Nothing is TMI and I will work with you to co-create a space for you to feel held, heard, and seen.

Why is it all about sex!?

Sexuality is the most repressed part of us as a society. Liberating our sexuality will make the most profound change to our lives.

The safe and brave space that I promise to create for you, so that you can go deep in the somatic, is the profound difference why this work is SO potent compared to other ways you may have tried. 


I recognize that I am not perfect and I am always open to feedback from those whom are of marginalized groups. Some of which I am apart: a former sex worker, a survivor of sexual assault, queer, woman of gender fluidity, living with non-able bodied invisible disability.

Nadia is passionate about intersectionality in her personal life and business. Apart of this is donating workshop funds to various organizations that support causes such as: Transgender sex workers, fighting Islamaphobia, and BLM.