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There is no greater tool for healing than


It's my pleasure to meet you,
I'm Nadia(She/They)

I'm a Sex and Orgasm Liberator.
Educator. Facilitator. Guide. Mind-Blower. Life-Changer. Podcaster. Blogger. Published Author in the works. Public Speaker. Intersectional Advocate. Former Sex Worker. Intimacy Explorer. Human Experience Connoisseur.

Slut. Queer. Gender Fluid. Witch. Priestess. 

Exploding the way society thinks and does things.

My career is in my highest calling and alignment.

Immense pain, physical and mental, is what brought me to this work. I simply get off guiding others to their most extraordinary sex and orgasmic lives.

I was ridiculed and shamed for too long for who I am and I firmly believe in liberating others through that shame as our sexuality is the most profound playground of life!
Being yourself is radical in this world but it's what can set us free!

I used to pretty much only have sex when I was intoxicated or so out of my body that I was floating above looking down at myself. 

I was depressed and lived in chronic unexplained pain. I tried all types of therapy. I was so fucking fed up but I couldn't stop searching.
I was shammed, ridiculed, and exploited for being a sexual being, so I tried to numb my pain.


When I found tantra and sacred sexuality, my whole life changed. 

I was on a Jade Egg retreat and there as a profound moment where we had to ask our pussy for permission before we put the egg inside.
Mine said no and I did it anyway. 
This moment changed my life forever. It was the beginning of healing my relationship to my pussy and my whole body.


I now live in my Pussy Magic in everything that I do. I love myself so radically that ALL of me is welcome in this world. Even those deep dark shadows. I have epic loving community around me and the sex.... welll the sex is extraordinary. Embodied, magical, manifesting, healing, cosmic, wild, and free! 

I live an Orgasmic Life, and I'm here to guide you to one as well!

My work is to create a relationship TOGETHER. I am there for you every step of the way. ALL of you is welcome here. As we unveil each piece and step in at your pace.


My in-person work is to be in community. NO LONGER are women and non binary beings to be isolated! We are powerful in community by overcoming how patriarchy pinned us against each other.

It feels unsafe and scary at first. But eventually you are home. To yourself and with others! Who see you in your full authenticity, relate to you, and celebrate ALL parts of you.


My Certifications merge with my Life Experience

 If I can't personally relate to you, I can guarantee I will meet you with loving presence and compassion. I am constantly in a state of learning 


Formal Certifications:

Dance therapy - Adama Dance - Mitzpe Ramon

Dance therapy - Rio Abeirto Movement Function - Beunos Aires, Argentina
Cati Dans Collective - Istanbul, Turkey

Pilates - Full aparatus 650hr STOTT Certification - Vancouver, Canada
Injuries and Special Populations - Merrithew® - San Francisco, USA
Pelvic floor training - Various certifications and workshops

Vast types of workshops throughout my dynamic Pilates career

650hr VITA™ Certified Sex coach
- Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality - Layla Martin
​Yoni Egg Specialization - 150hr VITA™

Female/Vulva body Sexuality Specialization - 150hr VITA™ 
Intensive In-Person Retreat - Layla Martin


I am in the works of publishing my book - Memoirs of a Travelling Slut. My coming of age story of travelling and exploring human experience through intimacy and sex.

I have a lot of diverse sexual experience.

I've been passionate about dismantling sexual shame since I was slut-shammed as a teenager.

I've travelled and lived in over 45 countries.

I worked with Refugees and displaced populations in Canada and in active war countries. Which taught me immensely about privilege and human experience.

I have been an intersectional activist from childhood.

I was a Full Service International Sex worker.

Exploring the world through my Queer view and Queer spaces and communities.

Owning my Gender fluidity gives me a vast perspective on what gender is and how it affects our sex lives.

I have attended many retreats from different teachers and lived live experience of what it is to do this work in community.

From teenage-hood I have tried many different types of therapy from Western Traditional to Eastern Techniques.

I am coached, I have a community of coaches that support me, I invest in my self growth and choose not to do it alone.

I receive psychic downloads and I am a sex philosopher.

I am constantly in a state of learning and expanding.
I am apart of the the Vancouver Garden of Earthly Delights -

I am on a spiritual path of sobriety from substance abuse addiction.
I was depressed and suicidal for many years.

After having chronic pain and mental distress my whole life I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease - Treatment through Naturopathy has been an incredible and vast learning and embodied experience.
Combining Naturopathy and Sexual Healing has been my main journey for the past few years and has brought me to this epic orgasmic life that I now live. 



I am not someone who just one day woke up and tried this work out, I have been deeply connected to this work from childhood subconsciously and now work with people who want to make the transition to this life.

I have done a huge part of the trial and error, and my vast life experience gives me if not relatability, compassion and empathy to whatever your path may be.

My path is not better, but it makes me the best at being able to hold you through yours and give you permission to live your most expanded life.

Intersectionality is absolutely integral to my work.
You can only come so far in your own healing journey if you are not also lifting up the marginalized collective. 

I am constantly in a learning experience of being a better advocate for those who are marginalized in our society. 

I promise to come to you with compassion, empathy, understanding, and a ZERO judgement policy. I work from a trauma sensitive/informed place. Nothing is TMI and I will work with you to co-create a space for you to feel held, heard, and seen.

The safe and brave space that I promise to create for you/with you, so that you can go deep in the somatic, is the profound difference why this work is SO potent compared to other ways you may have tried. 

I also recognize that I am not perfect and I am always open to being compassionately "called in" from those whom are of marginalized groups. Some of which I am apart: a former sex worker, a survivor of sexual assault, queer, female bodied, gender fluid, living with non-able bodied invisible disability.

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