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Orgasm Empowerment

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Go from pre to multi-orgasmic in the bedroom and in your life!

The bridge from the practical to the magical

Orgasm Empowerment Workshop May.29 10-12noon PST

Pelvic Floor Basics
Intro to Sex Magic 
Ignite Wild Orgasmic Power! 


Hello Goddess, I'm Nadia

Did you land here because there’s some thing inside you saying you want more? Do you feel stuck in your sexuality, in dating, in self love?

When I ask; what is sexually thriving to you?

You’re simply unsure.

Possibly you’ve tried many other ways,

you’re exhausted.

Well I have good news for you!

I have spent the last decade researching and learning how to live fully alive through my sacred sexuality and now I am here to guide you into thriving! No partner required!

Go from pre-orgasmic to multi-orgasmic in the bedroom and in your life!


Are you a HELL YES to tapping into all your orgasmic magic!?

1:1 Coaching

Secret: The Goddess lives within you, I'm here to guide her out loud into your every day life.

Want to go deep?

Need accountability and support in this work?

Want to get clarity on what you truly desire?
Want to unlock what is holding you back?

I'm here for you!

With my different time length commitments we work deep in your somatic to make practical life changing transformations.


Learn how your orgasm power can help you thrive in the bedroom and in your life!

This container is a co-created space. I'm here to guide you and hold you but it is catered to your lifestyle and specific needs.

Change can start happening instantly when you commit to this sacred journey. 



Seeking orgasmic power in your life?

These courses are accessible practical empowering knowledge!

Pelvic Floor Queen

Sex Magic Sorceress​

Orgasm Priestess