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Embodied Sex &
Orgasmic Life

Guiding 1:1 
In-person retreats 
Courses & Education

Start having
xtraordinary Sex &
Expanded Orgasms
by healing your trauma and reclaiming pleasure in your body.


It's about fucking time!

I work with all women and beings who desire magical connection to their pussy (physical or energetic).
Sex workers, you are welcome here!
This is a safe/brave space for ALL of the
multifaceted parts of you.
Gender queer and sexually queer humans are WELCOME HERE! 

This is it. We have been away from our bodies for TOO LONG. Society has ripped away the magic that makes us live in pleasure and thrive. It forced us into our amazing yet self sabotaging minds.

They saw our magic in the past and they tried to cage us and take it for themselves, but this is OUR TIME to take it back and use it for ourselves.


This work is about
reclaiming our sacred connection to our body.

Deeply listening to what is inside us. It is about being so in love and in flow with our body that ALL parts of us are welcome. That ALL parts of us make us human and beautiful and THAT makes us powerful.


Who would you be if you didn’t need to suppress your feelings & emotions?

If you could just be? If you didn’t feel positive all the time about ourselves and our bodies, but knew that ALL parts of you were celebrated. THAT is POWER. THAT is RECLAMATION. And THAT is how to have the most EPIC SEX.


The path to extraordinary sex, the best romantic relationships, calling in epic community, being aligned and thriving in our work, to be able to receive abundance and wealth. Receive worship and give worship in a nourishing way.

I am your guide. I am here to co-create this space with you. It doesn’t necessarily look like my website or instagram.
It looks like YOU.
We unveil that authenticity and find deep solidity in it.


Because when you find full alignment in your life, that is when the best part of your life begins. With full allowance to be you.


And how fun is it to discover that through the most epic part of our humanity? SEX AND SEXUALITY!


I'm Certified in:

*Pelvic Floor Education & Exercises
*Embodied Sex


*Taoism - Sex Magic - Energy work

*Yoni/Jade Egg
*Sacred Sexuality and Ceremony
*Inner Child Work
*Nervous System Repatterning
*Radical Self-Love
*Orgasm Reclamation, Expansion, Mastery

*Dance/Movement Therapy

Eastern Philosophy and Techniques meets
Western Science and Practices

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